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Our Approach

At Know More School we help students reach their full potential by providing them with resources to fully understand the digital world. To do so, we have created a three step learning process, where students first learn the basics of the digital world, then specialize in subjects they love, and finally take the skills they've learned and practice them out of the classroom.


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Become a Digital Citizen

In our first stage of learning, students are introduced to the basics of the digital world. From certified instructors, students learn to use computers, browse the internet, and apply these skills in the real world. They gain access to online resources like Khan Academy, BBC Bitesize, Google Colab, and Canva which are a great addition to the traditional learning in their own school. By the end of this stage, learners become comfortable with the digital world and officially become Digital Citizens.


Specialize in a Subject

Once students have successfully become Digital Citizens, they may choose to move on to specialize in a subject of their choice. They can learn about anything they are passionate about, from coding to music, using online resources. This gives students the opportunity to explore real-world subjects using the skills they have learned, instills in them a sense of curiosity, and allows them to lead their own learning. 



Practice, Practice, Practice

Once students have specialised in a subject, we encourage them to practice their learnings outside of the classroom, and implement them in the real world.  

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